Friday, April 14, 2017

What's happening on the farm

   Someone asked how we were dealing with this wacky spring weather.  It seems like spring in North Carolina is wacky every year, which, of course, means every spring is a different kind of wacky.  Knowing this, we try to be prepared, having blankets and fabric at the ready for cold snaps, irrigation ready for dry spells, and lots of back-up transplants and seed ready for replanting.  The bigger preparation, though, is probably mental and this we're still learning, to be patient and hopeful.  20 degree March nights followed by a couple weeks of continuous big rain storms isn't ideal, but things are actually looking pretty good.  This year is looking very promising for some of the tree/vine crops that April freezes have really limited or completely wiped out in recent years: pawpaws, hardy kiwis, mulberries, sour cherries, chestnuts...  The cattle are enjoying the lush green pastures, and the milk bucket is so full and heavy that we have to take a break to rest on the way back from the barn to the house.  All in all the weather this spring has been very favorable for the bees.  The wheat and oats are growing thick and lush.  It's a busy time of year as we push forward with getting the last of the spring crops out while starting on the first of the summer crops.  We're hoping to get the first of the field corn seeded this week.  And as always, the weeds are growing well, too, so we're tractor cultivating and putting our hoes to good use.

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