Monday, October 13, 2014

Putting up the harvest

Pulping the persimmons

Just one more step to persimmon pudding!

Processing roselle for drying or sauce

What to do with an abundance of eggplant?  Peel, slice, and roast with salt and garlic.  Freeze.  Use in casseroles or on pizza.

We're having a great pumpkin year.  For the ones that don't seem to be keeping we've been canning the pulp.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Homegrown snacking

Boiled peanuts

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Farm tour

Chicks taking a ride on mother hen
Can you name these plants - close ups and ID below.

The first roselle (hibiscus) is almost ready to harvest.

Sesame in flower
Pearl millet

If possible we try to leave volunteer plants in the garden - a beautiful volunteer butternut.

Summer peas - zipper cream

Overgrown beans - on purpose to save seed!

Tulsi basil  makes great tea!

Buckwheat - hoping to hand harvest enough for pancakes.

Another volunteer - husk cherries, which I'm thankful for since none of the ones I tried to grow germinated!

It's been an incredible squash year - don't be tired of it yet - the season will eventually come to an end.

We've had at least a couple different critters find our cantaloupes this year.

Looks like lots of tomatoes still to come - we'll see how long they last.

Reusing the cucumber trellis for a late planting of a climbing type summer pea - red rippers.

New to us this year - red noodles - a yard long "bean"

The start of fall - germinating radishes

A wall of beans

We thought it was lost forever, Fordhook Baby butterbeans.  But after searching long and far for this variety that seemed to have disappeared, we obtained 17 seeds.  Seven germinated so we're saving seed.

Basil, basil, pesto, pesto!

New to us this year - New Zealand spinach

And to think it all started with a tiny, tiny seed this spring.  Amazing!

Who wants just normal zinnias?  Stripey

Not a great photo - summer spinach (malabar spinach) climbing what was our sugar snap trellis

Red stockton onion seed ready to harvest

If we don't get any sweet potatoes this year, we hope to at least get some sweet potato fed deer meat!

New to us - Trombocino - gone too far to save seed

Japanese beetles have been terrible this year but no major crop losses

New to us - edamame - mainly to multiply out the seed this year

Did you know cattle don't have front top teeth?  Paul doesn't either at the moment!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pea shelling time

It's hard to eat these days with all the food in the way!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Corn Workshop

   If the last couple generations of losing our local food culture and falling into corporate-industrial food ways have left you, as most of your peers and neighbors, not really knowing (or having forgotten) how to make use of and enjoy our region's most basic, traditional food staple, then plan to come to our corn workshop! (We're talking about field corn/dry corn as in cornmeal, grits, or hominy; sweet corn was pretty much unheard of in our region when our grandparents were growing up, and the equivalent roasting ear corn filled the roll of a seasonal vegetable, not the year-round staple grain.)  We'll show you how to prepare and enjoy a variety of staple foods to include throughout your week, partly as main meals, but mainly as a foundational starch to go with other foods in the way that pasta, rice, boxed breakfast cereals, etc. have largely replaced.
   We're planning the workshop for two weeks from today, Tuesday, August 12 at 6pm.  The workshop will be free with a $40 advance purchase of cornmeal and/or grits and/or whole kernel corn for hominy/tortillas...  We're about out of cornmeal and grits now, but we'll have a fresh supply from the mill at our first-week-back-from-the-mill discounted price by the time of the workshop.  We won't have a complete meal for you, but we'll have samples of everything, so come hungry.  If you're interested in coming, you can pre-pay for your corn products at the farmers' market either this week or next.  Workshop size will be limited -- our kitchen is fairly small -- so if we reach our limit we'll have to cut things off there.  It would be nice to hear from you now if you're interested.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tomato time

Too pretty to can these ones . . .

but plenty of them found their way into jars as juice, sauce and whole tomatoes.

And this tomato found its way to my 'mater sandwich while I listened to the ping of jars sealing.