Thursday, June 13, 2013


 We had over a week ending earlier this week when it must have rained well over an inch on average every day.  Fortunately, we didn't suffer any noticeable washing or other long-term damage, but we've never before stayed this wet this long in the middle of the growing season.  In all but our very best drained soils that meant continually water-logged soils, and the roots of most garden plants can't stand that very long.  So all the rain put an end to some crops, left others rotten in the ground, and set us back on weeding and planting...

dead cabbage plant

lots of dead cabbage plants (and other cole crops)

dead bean plants
rotting carrot
  But on a diverse farm adverse weather like this still leaves hope in other crops:
the field corn still looks good but so do the weeds
it's not looking like a big crop this year but there's definitely honey to harvest
the tomatoes are looking pretty good but we have more to prune and tie up