Wednesday, September 23, 2015


  As vegetable farmers we eat and like every vegetable we grow.  Of course we have our favorites, but through the course of the year, every vegetable makes it to our plates multiple times.  Until this year we had hardly grown any jalapenos, though, and then only very sparingly found uses for them.  But by customer request, we set out a dozen plants, planning mostly just to sell them.  Mostly our family is a little shy when it comes to hot/spicy foods.  But then, as the first fruits were coming in, a neighbor took some home with him to roast with cream cheese.  Later that night, we tried the same but with goat cheese.  And the next day we called to tell him there would be a lot fewer jalapenos for him this year because he'd clued us in on a delicious way to enjoy them.  Of course, it's a pretty standard and common use, but we just hadn't ever done it before.  We had assumed the heat would be much more extreme but even our three year old wanted multiple helpings.  We actually should have plenty to share with our neighbor and with you, but it reminded us of our own journey to enjoying all vegetables, most of which we didn't grow up eating ourselves.  Maybe a new preparation of a formerly shunned vegetable will be the start of an addiction as those roasted goat cheese jalapenos have become for us!

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