Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter fare

A couple glimpses of our table these days:
A sauce of our dried peas over fried grit cakes with canned roasted tomatoes and canned pork sausage.  Wish there were some leftovers of this!
My mom in Michigan grows way better butternut squash than we do so we trade our sweet potatoes for her squash.  From our garden: cabbage sauteed in butter.  Our dried peas with our hominy over purchased millet.  To make homemade tortillas, we make hominy with our corn.  As we grind the hominy, we usually snack on some kernels, but we've just recently discovered how enjoyable hominy is added whole to other dishes like soups and sauces.  We hadn't foreseen how nice the al dente texture of the hominy would be in things.  Still experimenting.

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