Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fuzzy kiwis

  People are often surprised to find out that fuzzy kiwis can fairly easily be grown in our part of North Carolina.  In the case of fuzzy kiwis, winter hardiness isn't so much the limitation as the fruits maturing enough before winter comes, so a cultivar that ripens early is important.  We helped our friend harvest kiwis from her vines in Wilkes County right before the first hard freeze this fall.  She sent us home with a generous amount that we've been storing in the fridge.  In the last couple weeks we've started pulling them out and letting them finish ripening for about a week at room temperature.  They're really a treat, especially this time of year when fresh, local-organic fruit is otherwise scarce.  You can only imagine how long this kiwi lasted after this photo was taken! If we had known what good potential there is in fuzzy kiwis we would have gotten started with our own vines sooner, but we only just realized the potential last fall (2012).

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