Monday, March 3, 2014


We're taking sign-ups for the 2015 CSA now.  A CSA is the next best thing to growing your own food, so if you'd like to eat the kind of food you'd grow for yourself but you aren't in a position to do so, consider joining our CSA!  The most notable change for 2015 is a pick-up option with Lewisville and Winston-Salem locations.  Alternatively, weekly CSA pick-ups can be made at the farm after 1pm on Tuesdays. Come visit the farm any time of year!

   2015 will be our 11th year offering CSA shares.  The vegetable CSA plan consists of 22 weekly shares each with a value of $21 spread out over an approximately 25 week main season (leaving approximately 3 bye weeks.)  The cost of the vegetable CSA including drop-off to either the Lewisville or Winston-Salem drop-off point is $500.  We're also offering half season shares at $260 for 11 weekly shares (covering the first 12 weeks of the season with one bye week and renewable for the second half) for first-time members to try out the CSA without making a full-season commitment.  A standard share contains a full assortment of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, lettuce, okra...), shiktake mushrooms, and other garden and specialty field crops (like peanuts, popcorn...), all from open-pollinated seed and grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. In addition to the regular produce items, you can also request things that we wouldn't automatically include as part of your share (plants, eggs, honey, soap, candles...anything from our farm that we offer in our weekly e-mail that will fit in the $21 share.) For things like shares of beef, we'll give you priority as CSA members. 

   As an optional addition to the regular full-season CSA share, we also offer a "preserving share."  For an average of $10 we'll give you an additional share of all one item suitable for preserving for the off-season (things that might be frozen or dehydrated or pickled or canned or simply stored in a cool closet.)  The preserving share will be deeply discounted off the regular price (typically about half price.)  It may include "seconds" with cosmetic or other flaws (e.g. odd shaped cucumbers or cracked tomatoes or misshapen carrots or onions with soft spots or strawberries with little bug bites.) Other times it will simply be an item of which we have an over-abundance that week (things like beets, cabbages, eggplant, field peas, cooking greens, okra, green peppers, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, summer squash...)  The price is an additional $160 for 16 boxes (with possibilities for continuing past the 16th box.) We'll choose from the 23 weeks when you're receiving a regular CSA box to give you your preserving shares.  We'll make sure you get at least 12 different items by your 23rd week.  If you're looking for an economical way to enjoy the same food we sell in-season during the off-season, and if you're flexible enough to deal with preserving a larger quantity of a different crop each week (occasionally with a very short shelf life), then the preserving share might be just the thing for you.  We're only offering a very limited number of preserving shares, however.

   If you'd like to build a deeper relationship with a particular farm like ours but you're more interested in things like freezer shares of meat, eggs, honey by the case, other bulk purchases, hand-harvested grains and dry beans, maybe even cooperative milking arrangements... (perhaps because you grow your own year-round supply of vegetables already), then we don't have a prepared plan to present to you, but please come visit.  If you're serious about going beyond the farmers' market basics but don't have enough land or time to do it all yourself, there are lots of options to discuss that are too complicated or specialized for any kind of standardized offering.  Special arrangements would likely require a more serious level of commitment to local food, including notably items with much cheaper supermarket counterparts.

   Our CSA season should run at least 25 weeks, so you should have at least 3 bye weeks.  If you don't want to get a share one week, just let us know by the order deadline on the day before pick-up.  If you reach your 22nd box before the end of the season and would like to continue, you'll have the option of paying $21 for each of the remaining weeks to continue to receive CSA shares.

   If you have any questions or want to make plans to come visit call (704-546-5074) or e-mail us.  If you think you're ready to sign up, we'll send you a sign-up form.  To hold your spot, we ask for a $100 deposit.  Before you receive your first share we also require a visit to the farm.  You're welcome to make plans to visit either before or after signing up for the CSA (or if you're not interested in our CSA at all.)  This gives you a chance to better understand what our farm is all about, what your partnership with us is about, and what it means for what you'll be receiving in your CSA shares.  It also helps us better explain the logistics of our system to first time CSA members.


Carol said...

Is there some way or time that is mutually comfortable to talk about: 1., a visit, 2., the availability of honey now for gift baskets, and 3., joining the CSA & you for 2011?

Eric & Melissa Brown said...

We welcome and encourage anyone interested in buying from us to visit. We're actually planning a farm tour for anyone that wants to come for tomorrow, Saturday, at 2pm, along with a sweet potato variety tasting to follow, but give us a call and make plans to visit another time if tomorrow doesn't work for you. We essentially sold out of honey two or three months ago, so we don't have honey to sell at this time. We'll be glad to talk about our CSA and try to help you figure out if you want to join. Thanks!

Anna Posey said...

Thanks for your delicious and conscientious farming. I thought you might like to know I mentioned your incredible cornmeal on my blog yesterday. Keep up the good work, and congratulations on your new farmhand.